My Initiation Flower

I am a spiritual seeker who was interested in finding the real truth of all Religions and Gospels. After reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda, I was inspired to learn the ancient meditation technique of Kriya Yoga. I have spent almost four years reading different books on Kriya and have done lots of research on Internet to learn more about Kriya Yoga Meditation. I have then decided to take initiation and started searching for Guru. After searching for a year, I found my Guru in Rishikesh Kriya Yoga Ashram.

I created this blog to help spiritual seekers like me to find their Guru. I have provided all the website links of different Kriya Yoga Masters who have their presence on internet. My intention is to create general awareness about Kriya Yoga before one takes initiation or If you are a Kriyaban who is already initiated, this blog helps to find some more information.

One should remember that different teachers might teach Kriya in different ways but every teaching leads to the same essence, that is “Inner Silence and Bliss to a stage of Non-Duality”.


Seven are the Chakras (Energy Centers)

Three are the Nadis ( Ida – left, Pingala – Right, Sushumna – Center)

Three are the Granthis (Knots) ( Brahma at 3rd, Vishnu at 4th, Rudra at 6th)

Shakti (Kundalini) is at 1st and Shiva (Supreme Consciousness) is at 7th

Whichever Yoga or Path of Spirituality you might follow, Whatever techniques you might use, At the end of the day these are the things you have to do.

Identify the Chakras on your spinal cord and open them

Identify the Nadis and open them

Untie the three Knots and free up the channels so that energy can pass freely through sushumna

Raise Shakti at 1st and take it to the 7th through sushumna central energy channel. This is the Union, This is the Yoga. This is the Realization.

If you are starting with 5th Center using Kechari mudra – You are doing Kriya Yoga

If you are starting with 1st center by awakening kundalini – You are doing Kundalini Yoga or Siddha Yoga or Sri Vidya or Tantra

If you are starting with 6th center by focusing on Ajna chakra and controlling mind through breath – You are doing Raja Yoga or Buddhist or Zen Meditation

If you are starting with 4th center by focusing on heart – You are doing Bhakti Yoga or Laya Yoga or Nada Yoga or path of the Sufism. If you wish to chant and sing, this is the path for you.

If you are starting with Ida, Pingala and Sushumna energy channels – You are doing Hatha Yoga or Surya Yoga.


So, Stop worrying and Start practicing.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti !!!

Let there be peace upon you !

Let there be peace within you !!

Let there be peace around you !!!

Spiritual Seeker.