Kriya Yoga Courses and Initiation

Guru teaching his disciples

Kriya Yoga Tradition follows Guru – Shishya Parampara. It means, it is passed from a Guru (Master) to the Shishya (Disciple). It is very important to learn kriya yoga from a Guru because it deals with astral body. During the ancient times, disciples would serve the masters for years and even then, there was no guarantee that a disciple could get kriya yoga initiation. Verily, we are the most fortunate generation and a big thanks to Paramahamsa Yogananda for his “Autobiography of a Yogi” and making Kriya Yoga a house hold name.

If you call yourself a Spiritual Seeker, it simply means you are a NUT. For you, It is not enough to believe in belief systems, follow the rituals, listen to the prophecies, spiritual stories of all kinds. Your longing is such that you want to experience it by yourself and you are not satisfied with others experiences and sayings even though they are self realised masters. This is the reason, Kriya Yoga is called as Ancient Science of Meditation. In Kriya, using breath as a tool and using different breathing techniques, one can experience God, Self, Silence, Awareness, Brahman, Heavenly Father, Allah, Omkar, Yehovah, Consciousness, Satchitananda (Sat – Being, Chit – Conscious, Ananda – Bliss). All of these are names given to the same Universal Spirit in different cultures and traditions.

There are many Kriya Yoga Masters offering initiations to anyone who seek sincerely.

Some masters are good at speeches and oratory to inspire your minds, these masters are like Rajarshis of past who would live in middle of people in a kingdom helping others with spiritual wisdom and teach them accordingly. In present generation, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev would be called as a Rajarshi because of his efforts with politicians, celebrities and businessmen.

Some masters take you to the essence directly without much words. These kind of masters are like Munis (sages) of ancient times. These masters doesn’t offer much speeches. Muni is one who practice Mouna (Silent without speech). They would speak only if required. I have met a master of such stature who resembles that of a Muni in present times. His name is Per H. Wibe, a realised master from Norway in Kriya Yoga Tradition.

I am listing few of the courses offered by that master Per H. Wibe

Kriya Yoga Classes

Kriya Yoga Himalayas

6 day Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat at Himalayas from September 17 – 23

Kriya Yoga Bengaluru classes and initiation

3 day kriya yoga course at Pyramid Valley, Kanakapura, Bengaluru from October 14 – 16

Kriya Yoga Delhi classes and initiation

2 day Kriya Yoga Retreat at Aurobindo Ashram, Hauz Khas, Delhi from October 06 – 08

Kriya Yoga at Kolkata

2 day meditation retreat at Salt Lake, kolkata from October 01 – 02


Kriya Yoga Courses Europe

4 day Retiro de Kriya Yoga , Seville Spain 28 abril – 01 mayo

5 day Kriya meditation retreat at Tirol, Austria from May 10 – 14

4 day kriyayoga course at Girona, Spain from July 17 – 20

6 day Meditation retreat at Dalsland, Sweden from July 31 – August 05


2017 Retreats

Kriya Yoga Mumbai

3 day kriya yoga classes at Mumbai from March 17 – 19

Kriya Yoga New Delhi

3 day kriya yoga initiation and class at New Delhi from March 24 – 26

Kriya Yoga Bangalore

3 day kriya yoga classes at Bengaluru from 30 March – 01 April

Kriya Yoga Norway

3 day Kriya Yoga Retreat at Lillehammer, Norway from February 10 – 12

Kriya Yoga Nashik

3 day kriya yoga course at Nashik, Maharastra from January 04 – 06

Kriya Yoga Goa

7 day meditation course at Goa from January 08 – 14

Kriya Yoga Bangalore

3 day kriya meditation course at Bangalore from January 21 – 23

Kriya Yoga Kolkata

3 day kriya course at Kolkata from January 27 – 29

Kriya Yoga Delhi

3 day kriya yoga meditation at New Delhi from February 03 – 05