Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kriya Yoga Retreats 2014

Kriya Meditation Retreat at New Delhi - October 10 - 12

Kriya Meditation Retreat at Bangalore - October 04 - 07

Kriya Meditation Retreat at Pune - September 30 - October 02

Kriya Meditation Retreat at Ramgarh, Nainital, Himalayas - September 20 - 26

Kriya Yoga New Delhi - February 22 - 27

Kriya Yoga Bangalore - February 12 - 19

Kriya Yoga Chennai - February 08 - 10

Kriya Yoga Austria - January 08 - 12

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kriya Retreats 2013

Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat with Per at Bangalore, India

December 04 - 12

Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat with Per at New Delhi, India.

November 30 - December 02

Kriya Yoga Retreat in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India.

May 21 - 29 

Kriya Yoga Retreat at Kriya Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh, Himalayas

March 23 - 31

Kriya Yoga Retreat in Hyderabad, India

March 14 - 17

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kriya Yoga Importance

Kriya Yoga Meditation as described by Satyananda Saraswati of Bihar School of Yoga

The Path of Kriya Yoga

Awakening of kundalini is very difficult. You can try the various yogic and religious practices that have evolved throughout the ages, but they require a lot of self-discipline and demanding austerities. There are so many do's and dont's that the average person finds unpalatable. Therefore, the rishis of the tantric tradition evolved a series of practices that 
 could be easily adopted by every type of aspirant regardless of his lifestyle, habits, beliefs, and so on. Of course there are many practices belonging to tantra, but of them all, kriya yoga is considered to be the most powerful and suitable for the modern day man who is enmeshed in this world.

For many years, knowledge of this system of yoga was revealed to very few. The practices were mentioned in the tantric texts, but they were never clearly defined. Through a tradition, the practices were handed down from guru to disciple. They were given to both householder and monastic disciples, who soon discovered that through these techniques, kundalini became a reality and a real experience in their lives.

The ultimate purpose of kriya yoga is to create awakening in the chakras, to purify the nadis, and finally, to awaken the kundalini shakti. The kriyas are intended to awaken the kundalini in stages and not abruptly. When kundalini awakens abruptly, the experiences you have are very difficult to handle and you cannot understand what is happening to you. The 
 techniques of kriya yoga offer a smooth and relatively risk-free means of expanding your awareness and awakening the dormant areas of the brain. Also, this system of kriya yoga provides a means whereby you do not have to tackle the mind directly. Its practices are based on hatha yoga, which aims at controlling the prana. Mind and prana interact with each other 
and thereby, by controlling the prana, we can gain control of the mind.

Kriya yoga offers a unique approach

Kriya yoga means 'the yoga of practice, movement or action'. Unlike the various religious, mystical or yogic practices which demand mental control, the special instruction in the system of kriya yoga is, 'Do not worry about the mind.' If your mind is dissipating or if there are distractions in your mind and you are not able to concentrate even for one second, it does not 
 matter. You have only to continue with your practices, for even without confronting, controlling or trying to balance the mind, you can still evolve.

This is an entirely new concept in spiritual life, and most people have probably never even considered it. When they take to a religion, commence spiritual practices or go to gurus, the first thing they are told is to control the mind. 'You should think like this. Don't think like that. You should do like this. Don't do that. This is good. This is bad. That is evil. Do not sin.' And 
 so on. People think that the mind is the greatest barrier in spiritual life, but this is a very wrong and dangerous concept. The mind is a bridge between this and that, so how can it be a barrier?

An idiot thinks it is a barrier and he tries to destroy that bridge. Then when he has destroyed it, he wonders how he'll get to the other side. This is the ironical fate of most people, and unfortunately it is the religions, ethics and morality that are responsible. The people who are less aware of ethics and morality have no mental problems. They are very good, happy-go- 
 lucky people.

The seers and rishis of kriya yoga have said, 'Control of mind is not necessary. Just go on practising the kriyas and let the mind do what it wants. In the course of time, the evolution of consciousness will take you to that point where the mind will no longer trouble you.'

Dissipation of mind is not necessarily the fault of the mind. Distractions can be due to hormonal imbalances, bad digestion, low influx of energy in the nervous system and so many other things. Never blame the mind for its restlessness, and don't consider yourself to be an impure, bad or inferior person because your mind jumps all over the place, thinking negative 
 things and what you consider to be evil thoughts, etc. Everybody has negative thoughts and distractions of mind, even a compassionate and charitable person, a peaceful man, a chaste and pure person. Dozens of factors could be the 
cause of a distracted mind. Suppressing the mind and calling it back again and again is not the way to concentrate the mind, it is a way to the mental hospital. After all, who suppresses or calls back who? Are there two personalities or two minds in you? Is there one bad mind which keeps wandering off and one good mind which tries to bring back the bad mind? No, there is only one mind and you should not create a split by antagonizing the mind. If you do this, one part of the mind becomes the dictator and controller and the other part becomes the victim. Then you'll develop a great gap between two aspects of your mind and personality and within a very short time you'll become totally schizophrenic.

It is necessary to understand this point very well, because our religions, philosophies and ways of thinking have not been very systematic, loving and tender in their approach to the mind. We have always been led to believe that the mind is very mischievous, but this is a grave mistake. Therefore, please try to redefine the mind and approach it scientifically. 
 Mind is not a psychological stuff, nor is it a thought process. Mind is energy. Anger,passion, greed, ambition, etc. are waves of that energy. Through kriya yoga you are trying to harness the energies of the mind, but you should not try to suppress this energy because it will explode. And the more you suppress this energy the greater will be the ultimate explosion.

Kriya yoga is very clear in its approach to the mind. It emphasizes that you do not try to do anything with the mind. If your body protests about maintaining a fixed posture, change it. If your mind objects about closing the eyes, keep them open. But you must continue with the kriya yoga practices because they have a direct effect on the deeper processes of the body 
 which are responsible for the state of your mind. Remember that the body affects the mind and the mind affects the body. 
We should not consider the techniques of kriya yoga as practices of concentration or meditation as their aim is not mental control. The beauty of kriya yoga is that you have only to remain relaxed and let the mind move naturally and spontaneously. Inner awareness will then awaken, and in time, your mind will automatically become one-pointed.