Sounds of Silence

Dedicated to my Gurudev

Silence is your way, Simple is your say
Smile is your way, “practice” is your say
Secretive is your way, “go deeply inside” is your say
Love is your way, “Seek Self” is your say
I hug you with love, I adore you as Guru
I bow to your feet, seek your blessings as disciple.
Life is Guru
Life is Disciple
It’s time again
Life has to become Life, losing its duality.
My Lord
What is mine, What is thine?
What is given, will also be taken
Death takes the Life, Earth takes the body
We are guests and time is passing
Hurry up Hurry up, Hug the Lord

Some seek pleasure, Some seek treasure
Some seek women, Some seek wine
Some seek fame, Some seek pride
Alas, no one seeks the blissful and bountiful.

He is the one within you, He is the one before you
He is the air you breath , He is the water you drink
He is the pleasure you make, He is the treasure you seek
Possible, How is it possible?
For HIM, Nothing is impossible

There is pain, Lo they beg him
There is pleasure, No one think of him
His name is on the tongue, but He is not in the heart
They can see him in worship place
They cant stand a person next to them
Alas, there is no place where he doesn’t exist.

Desires are full, Faith is nill
Some pray for heaven
Some pray in fear of hell
Funny is their prayer, Cunning is their way.
You think you are smart, He is the smartness behind smart

You might be a sinner, You might be a robber
You might be a liar, You might be a drunkard
You might be poor, You might be deprived
Seek him with integrity, His love is the same for all his beings
Lo.. He is the merciful, He is the forgiveness

He is eternal, He is infinite bliss
He is the knowledge, He is the truth
Knock his door, He opens it for you
Seek him with intensity, he is right there
He makes you sit on his lap
If you have a pure heart like him


They Say

Some call him Hindu, Some call him Muslim
Some call him Christian, Some call him Jew
Some call him Buddhist, Some call him Sikh
Some call him Jain, Some call him Parsi
Ornaments might be different, gold is the same.
Diverse are the paths, destination is the same

Some call him Shiva, Some call him Shakti
Some call him Brahma, Some call him Vishnu
Some call him Yehovah, Some call him Awareness
Some call him God, Some call him Allah
Many are his names, Many are his ways

Some say Adi Shankara knows him
Some say Buddha knows him
Some say Moses knows him
Some say Jesus knows him
Some say Muhammad knows him
Some say Mahavir knows him
Some say Nanak knows him
Rays might reflect in a different way, Sun is the same.
All of them knows him, He is the same.

Some say he is in the vedas, Some say he is in the Quran
Some say he is in the Torah, Some say he is in the Bible
Waves might be different, Ocean is the same
He is in every scripture, He is the same.

Some say OM, Some say AUM
Some say Amen, Some say Amin
Whatever you say, whatever you pray
You are praying to the same supreme being.

So many scriptures, none knew the real meaning
So many rituals, none knew the real feeling
So much noise, people are making
So many beings, everyone is longing
Seek him in your heart, Lo he is right there.

Some say Omkar, but doesn’t know its the sound of universe
Some say Menorah, but doesn’t know its seven centers of the body
Some say Cross, but doesn’t know its the sixth center and body
Some say Crescent moon and Star, but doesn’t know its the spiritual eye
All of them are symbols of the same Supreme Lord

Some one is 3000 years old
Some one is 2500 years old
Some one is 2000 years old
Some one is 1500 years old
His knowledge is neither new nor old
Read it with your heart, its all the same.

Some say he is Love, Some say he is Truth
Some say he is Consciousness , Some say he is Knowledge
Some say he is light, Some say he is Bliss
There are many fruits on a tree, tree is the same
He is everything, He is the same

Narrow are their minds, Narrow are their deeds
There are different flowers in the garden, They love them all
No one said, they like only one flower out of all
Then, why do you love your religion and hate them all?

Some say they belong to that caste, this creed
Some say they belong to that language, this religion
Some say they are of that colour, this race
They breath the same air and drink the same water
Alas, they identify with everything except being human

Do you know your religion when you are born?
Do you know the language when you are born?
Do you know your country when you are born?
Do you know your creed when you are born?
All you know was food and sleep
Then why do you cry now? I am this or that

Some say Satan, Some say Shaitan
Some say Evil, Some say Devil
Some cry.. Fight it, Curse it, Kill it
What you call Satan is your own mind
Alas, No one knows
You are cursing your own mind with same mind
Which keeps you away from God – the inner being.

You think you are Mind and Body
You think you are black or white
You think you are the doer and giver
You think you are this or that
Alas, You don’t realise, the very “YOU” in “YOU” is HIM

Some say he is formless
Some say he is every form you see
What if both are right?
He is invisible to mind and visible to no-mind
Can you figure it out, how is this possible?

Some search in Temple, Some in Mosque
Some search in Church, Some in Synagogue
Some search in Vihara, Some in Gurudwara
Stop wandering hither and tither,
Sit and relax, Close your eyes,
Lo, he is throbbing as life within you.

Some say he is up, Some say he is down
Some say he is in top heaven, Some say he is in ocean depth
He is neither up nor down, He is neither above nor below
Lo, He is within YOU

If you are breathing, you are alive,
If you don’t, you are dead,
Where is this breath coming from?
Where is it going?
Focus on your breath to find out
Aah, I just gave you the key to unfold life’s biggest mystery.

Some say Jnana yoga, Some say Bhakti yoga
Some say Kriya yoga, Some say Karma yoga
Some say Raja yoga, Some say Laya yoga
Some say Mantra yoga, Some say Tantra yoga
Some say Mahayana, Some say Thervada
Some say Vipasana, Some say Zen
Some say Tao, Some say Sufi
Some say Dynamic Meditation, Some say Transcendental Meditation
Infinite are the ways to reach the infinite
If you dig a gold mine with any tool you have
You still end up with gold
Choose the way you fit into and enjoy the eternal bliss


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