March 2017 Retreats

Some masters take you to the essence directly without much words. These kind of masters are like Munis (sages) of ancient times. These masters doesn’t offer much speeches. Muni is one who practice Mouna (Silent without speech). They would speak only if required. I have met a master of such stature who resembles that of a Muni in present times. His name is Per H. Wibe, a realised master from Norway in Kriya Yoga Tradition.

I am listing few of the courses offered by that master Per H. Wibe

He conducts regular kriya yoga retreats in India and Europe. Initiation is possible during his retreats.

3 day kriya yoga classes at Mumbai from March 17 – 19

3 day kriya yoga initiation and class at New Delhi from March 24 – 26

7 day Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat at Himalayas from June 14 – 20

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